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In the meanwhile, visitors can come and sample a taste of the unique menu, which has been created from array of exotic and exiting items that present Indian food in a whole new dimension.

Maza Indian Restaurant brings culinary novelties from unexplored cuisines of India. You can experience Indian cuisine like never before; in its most authentic form and taste, yet with a touch of contemporary finish and presentation. Indian cuisine has evolved to its current prominence over many centuries and is influenced by the several invasions and trade partnerships with other cultures. It is a true melting pot of diverse culinary practices; Maza Indian Restaurant dipped into this melting pot and assembled an array of exotic and exiting menu items.

Maza Indian Restaurant attempt is to transport visitors to a culinary journey of India by skipping all the touristy spots and take you straight to the heart of the culture. Their unique food and drinks menu is meant to inspire and appeal to the explorer in you, to experience Indian culture in a whole new way. Maza Indian Restaurant has recalibrated Indian cuisine with all its authentic splendor in an innovative style of subtle fusion and with tinges of barbeque.

Please look out for the grand opening coming very soon.

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7342 International Drive, Orlando, Florida 32819, United States